Oxbow "Bunny Basics" Timothy Pellets

Oxbow "Bunny Basics" Timothy Pellets-
Oxbow "Bunny Basics" Timothy Pellets-
Item# BBT-5

Product Description

These high-quality timothy hay based pellets are ideal for adult rabbits. Feed 1/8 of a cup a day as an optional boost to your rabbit's diet or as an occasional treat. May also be fed to help underweight or ill buns maintain a healthy weight.

Remember, 75% of your rabbit's diet should be grass hay!

Crude protein (min) 14.00%
Crude fat (min) 1.50%
Crude fiber (min) 25.00%
Crude fiber (max) 29.00%

5 pound bag of pellets - $12.00
10 pound bag of pellets - $17.00